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Marc Andrews

SFO Brit Productions is an experienced content creation company with proven success in the worlds of branded content, advertising, and digital marketing campaigns. We've created digital, video, and still photography content for social media, broadcast TV, and website integration.

Led by Marc Andrews we have a global network of vendors and production partners to execute creative visions and tell stories with global reach and impact.

We have extensive talent management and communication experience from actors and models to A-List celebrities and we also have a proven track record of successfully working with customers to provide user-generated content and testimonial stories.

Please view examples of our work on this website or if you'd like to discuss more please click the contact me link to be guided to Marc's LinkedIn page


My work on multiple brands with both celebrities and real customers

Proactiv KJ

I was Executive Producer on this campaign with Kendall Jenner for Proactiv MD.

We filmed on a single day across three locations to create a series of commercials and online branded content.

Real People Stories

I created content with real Proactiv customers to showcase their transformational success stories

Meaningful Beauty

I created the latest campaign for the Meaningful Beauty skincare line.

There were many shoots across multiple locations with Cindy Crawford, Ellen Pompeo and multiple customers, including one who went to France.

This video is the open to the full-length infomercial.

Back to School

I created this campaign that was shot in a single day. Footage was then utilized for Proactiv Back to School content in Broadcast, Social Media and Website video.

Truth or Dairy?

I created this "man on the street" campaign for Håågen Dazs' launch of their non-dairy frozen desserts.

We filmed in a single day in San Francisco to get reactions from a range of passers-by and then cut that into web spots and Instagram stories


I led this project to create content for Proactiv's YouTube channel with YouTube influencer Eva Gutowski.

We shot all content in a single week in one location and leveraged that footage into a series of videos.

Proactiv Gel Head

I led this campaign for Proactiv MD highlighting the new Gel Head Brush.

We filmed 6 actors and 2 hand models in a single day at Quixote Studios in West Hollywood to create a series of commercials.

How To...

"How To" videos are a great way to engage a customer with a brand - especially a skincare brand that needs a little explanation on how to apply. This is a compilation of some I have created.

Spanish Language

I collaborated with a freelance Spanish language producer on this spot for Proactiv.

It uses real customer stories, including parents and teens to show how Proactiv has cleared their skin and made them more confident.
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